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Privacy Policy

What is a Privacy Policy?
The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to inform the customer how we handle their private information. Products and services offered through are governed by our Privacy Policy. If you have questions pertaining to our Privacy Policy, please contact us by email. We will respond within 24 hours.

What is private information and how do we collect and use it?
Private information is submitted by the applicant voluntarily. Information includes such inforomation as your email address, your name, any questions submitted, your email signature, etc. Your personal credit card information used to purchase our product or service is also considered private. All credit card numbers are encrypted for security reasons and to comply with PCI standards. Only the necessary personal information needed to process your order is collected.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any applicant for any reason, including but not limited to misrepresented or fraudulent transactions which will be canceled without any further notice.

Collection of Information
All of our web pages within our domain are accessible without providing us with any personal information. We only receive generic statistics about our website which does not include any personal information. When you browse our website you are anonymous to us and we cannot identify you. However, if you choose to contact us, we will know your email address and IP address from where the email was send. Once your email has been replied to, your email is deleted and no information is kept for any purposes. In the event you contact us again, we will not have access to your previous email(s).

Information voluntarily given us will never shared with any third party for any reason. follows the practices of the CAN_SPAM Act of 2004.

Information obtained through this website is never sold, disclosed or shared. Offers received from other companies to share information will be declined. Information is deleted on servers which meet and exceed government standards.

Opt Out
ESTA-America does not offer any newsletter or any type of marketing which requires a customer to Opt Out.

Security uses servers located in the United Kingdom. Your information is protected with the highest protection available through physical security, firewalls, encryption and passwords. Hosting company specifications can be provided upon request.

Last Updated: April 9, 2011

Legal Disclaimer: ESTA.US is a private information website not affiliated with the United States Government.
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