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ESTA Update Online

Let’s say you made a mistake when applying for an ESTA. For example, you included the wrong passport number or expiry date. In this case you will need to request a new ESTA. Your previous application will be invalidated once you have a new travel authorization. However, you can update your flight and hotel information anytime before you depart on an existing travel authorization. You can do this by completing an ESTA Update application right here on this site.

What happens if my ESTA Visa Application contains incorrect Passport information?

An applicant may change the Passport Issuance and Expiration Dates if the application has not been paid for. But an applicant cannot revise Passport Issuance, and Passport Expiration dates after paying the ESTA fee. If a traveler wants to update their passport information, the travel authorizations will need to be reapplied for by the traveler. The associated fee will be charged for each new application. All applications submitted before will be canceled.

What happens if I forget my application numbers?

After verifying your email address, the confirmation email will include the application number. You will need to verify your ESTA status to see the application number. This can be done from our website. Enter your country, passport number, and expiration or issuance dates to find your application number.

When do I need to apply again for ESTA?

A new ESTA travel authorization might be needed in any of these cases:

Travel authorizations are usually granted for two years or until your passport expires. Once the previous ESTA authorization expires or if the passport is due for expiration, a traveler will need to apply for a new approval. A fee will be charged for each new application.

What ESTA information are you able to update?

You can edit all fields of the application except for the passport and name information before you submit an ESTA application (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). After applying, you can change any of these areas at any moment:

It was previously possible to change the phone number, carrier information, and location of your boarding flight. It is now only possible to change the e-mail address or address on an existing ESTA.

How do I correct an ESTA error?

Before applying for an ESTA, it is possible to check and correct applicants’ data. You can edit all fields, except the passport number or issuing country, before you submit the payment information. A new application must be submitted if a passport number is incorrect. Each new application must be submitted and paid for. Other errors can be corrected or updated later, such as email address and address while in the United States.

Visa Waiver Program travelers who travel to the United States by air or water must have approved travel authorization (ESTA), and this requirement has been in effect since January 12, 2009. Once you have received your travel authorization number, you can update certain information before you enter the United States.

Although you can update your ESTA several times, you should not submit a new application for a new ESTA unless your passport has been changed, your Visa Waiver eligibility conditions have changed, or your current ESTA has expired. The validity of travel authorizations is generally two years. An approved travel authorization can be updated online by any traveler. To ensure that your current ESTA remains valid, verifying the status before purchasing airline tickets is a good idea.

Note: Updating a travel authorization does NOT extend its expiration date. You must apply for a new application if you want to renew or extend your existing ESTA.

The ESTA process will ask you questions about criminal convictions. If you answer ‘yes” to questions regarding criminal convictions during the ESTA process (see below for more information), you will be informed that you are not eligible for travel under the VWP. Instead, you will need to apply for a Visa.

Social media information will improve the vetting process. It can be used to review ESTA applications to validate legitimate travel, adjudicate VWP eligibility waivers, or identify potential threats.

If you’re not a US citizen but wish to travel to this beautiful country, you need to apply for an ESTA or a USA visa depending on your citizenship. The process of applying for a USA visa is complicated and time-consuming. Sometimes, your application may even be rejected, and it could happen for any type of reason.

What if I lie on my ESTA request? CBP will deny your application within 72 hours of receipt if they discover that you have lied on the ESTA forms. Your ESTA application will be rejected regardless of whether it has been approved previously.

A new application will be required if an applicant insert the wrong biographical or passport information. Each new application will incur a fee. You can correct or update any other errors by using this website.

Your ESTA information will be automatically sent to your carrier. You don’t have to print it out or bring it with you. To make future trips, you can update your travel information via the ESTA system. However, we recommend that all travelers bring their ESTA travel authorization with them just in case.