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Check and Verify your ESTA Application

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization will typically return an Application Status within 72 hours. However, you may want to use the ESTA website to verify that status. You can check and verify your ESTA status at any time after applying. Go to the ESTA homepage, click “Check ESTA.” Next, enter your passport number, birth date, and application number. If you have not received or can’t locate your application number, then you can complete the Verify ESTA form. There are three possible answers to an electronic travel authorization request:

Authorization approved

Your travel authorization has been approved. You can now travel to the United States through the Visa Waiver Program. The system will display confirmation of your application approval and a payment receipt notice indicating the amount charged to your credit card. A travel authorization is not a guarantee of admission to the United States. A Customs and Border Protection officer at the port of entry will make the final determination.

Authorization not approved

The Visa Waiver Program does not allow you to travel to the United States. The Department of State may be able to grant you a visa for your travel. This does not mean you will be denied entry to the United States. This response does not prohibit you from traveling to the United States under Visa Waiver Program. A payment receipt notice is also displayed in the system. This shows the amount charged to your credit card to process the ESTA application.

Authorization Pending

Because your request for travel authorization has not been processed immediately, we are currently reviewing it. This does not mean that there are any negative findings. Usually, a determination is available within 72 hours. Return to this website and click on “Check ESTA Status.” To check the status of your application, you will need to provide your application number, passport number, and birth date.

Visa Waiver Program passport requirements

Visa Waiver Program requirements include:
Also, take a look at the Visa Waiver Program Update

E-passports have an electronic chip that holds the same information as the passport’s data pages: the holder’s name, date and birth, a biometric ID, and other biographic information. All countries are eligible to travel visa-free to the United States, and for example the UK issue E-Passports. These passports have security features that prevent unauthorized access to or “skimming” data stored on the ePassport chip.

E-Passports have many benefits. They can be used to identify travelers, protect against identity theft, and protect privacy. According to the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, all VWP travelers to the U.S. must obtain an e-passport by April 1, 2016. This change only applies to VWP citizens who plan to travel visa-free with an approved authorization from ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

If you are holding a non-electronic, older passport holder and wish to travel visa-free to the United States, you will need an e-passport to be able to apply for your next visa-free visit. After you have received your e-passport, you can apply for a new ESTA.

Travel is not affected by recent changes to the Visa Waiver Program, and you should apply for a visa if you are not a citizen of the countries participating in the program. Even if you do not have any immediate plans to travel, you can apply for a visa now or at any time.

Even if you have an approved ESTA, you might still be denied entry to America without a visa refusal. The ESTA, or any other visa, does not guarantee access to the USA. Only the customs and border guards will decide if you can enter or not.

Your application data is checked against several databases to confirm your identity. It also contains that your passport was not reported stolen or lost. This protects the United States’ borders and combats fraud and terrorist attacks.

To travel to the U.S., you must apply for ESTA. If there are no issues with your ESTA application, you will be granted “authorization approved” status no later than 3 days (72hrs) after you submit it.

Is there any limit on how many times I can enter the United States within a 90-day period? There is no limit to the number of crossings. However, CBP border officers can deny entry to approved ESTA applicants if they suspect dishonesty, or other suspicious activities.

 It is possible to do the following:

  • Receive help to verify your ESTA
  • Receive help to locate your existing travel authorization (ESTA)
  • Check the status of your travel authorization

It is recommended that travelers verify the status of their travel authorization before departure.