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ESTA for Citizens of Andorra

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Country: Andorra

ESTA Required: Yes

Andorra, officially the Principality of Andorra is a landlocked sovereign microstate located on the border between France and Spain. Like many other European countries, Andorra joined the United States’ Visa Waiver Program in 1991. Since then, Andorra has experienced a good relationship with the U.S. in both trade and tourism. And since 2009, they naturally adopted the Electronic System of Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Travelers holding citizenship from Andorra can enjoy a hassle-free immigration process when visiting the U.S. when holding an approved ESTA application. The process is streamlined for both Andorra and the U.S. since the ESTA can only be obtained online. Distinguishing between an ESTA and a B-2 tourist visa is essential. First of all, since the ESTA can only be completed online, no visit to the U.S. Embassy is required. The ESTA also grants up to 90 days in the U.S. but just for business, tourism (including medical purposes) and non-credit study programs. The ESTA is valid for two years and can be used multiple times. After two years, the ESTA expires, and citizens of Andorra has to re-apply for the ESTA.

U.S. Immigration statistics about Andorran citizens (2017):

  • The total amount of visitors from Andorra: 1 720
  • Approved ESTA applications: 1 371
  • Students and exchange visitors: 171
  • Temporary workers and family-related applications: 75
  • Diplomats and other official representatives: 0
  • Other types of visitor categories: 0

Flight information from Andorra to the United States

Being hidden within the Pyrenees means very little air traffic is coming into Andorra. Therefore, getting to the nearest airport means taking a trip over to Spain or France. The closest international airport with routes to the U.S. is Barcelona (125 miles) and Toulouse (115 miles). To catch a bus ride to any of these major airport hubs would be the easiest way as buses run daily if you are not driving a car.

The route to Toulouse is probably the most scenic route as you drive in slow traffic on narrow French national roads. As you get closer to Toulouse, you can choose to drive onto the motorway which is a bit faster (you have to pay quite an expensive toll to drive on the highway). If you are traveling to Barcelona to catch your U.S. flight, keep in mind various toll fees as you pick your route, especially if your route goes straight through the city.

Best flights from Barcelona–El Prat Airport to the U.S.?

If you are on a budget and want to fly comfortably, then Norwegian Air has one of the most competitive prices and has a brand-new fleet of airplanes flying to the U.S. The service on board is not the best and if you want food on your flight, remember to order your food in advance. Flight time to reach the East Coast (New York) is around 9 hours on nonstop flights. Other carriers that are widely recommended are Delta, British Airways, Finnair, Lufthansa and Brussels Airways. Look for Premium Economy for more comfort and perhaps a one-stop flight for the cheapest flights. There are plenty of choices, so getting to the U.S. from Barcelona is subject to personal needs.

Best flights from Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport to the U.S.?

Traveling from Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport to the U.S. is not as convenient as traveling from Barcelona as there are very few nonstop flights. If any at all. Still, cheap flights can be found as many low budget carriers offer routes within the EU before you start the second leg across the North Atlantic Ocean. You can choose between connecting flights that go through for example Madrid, Lisbon, and London. As with traveling from Barcelona, it comes down to personal preferences.


What is the best time to apply for an ESTA?

It is currently mandatory to apply for an ESTA at least 72 hours before boarding the plane. Still, travelers are recommended to apply weeks or months in advance, to ensure that their travel authorization (ESTA) is approved. Non-approved applications mean that a regular B-2 visa must be applied for, which can take weeks or months to complete. If you have plans to visit the United States, apply today or well in advance. Learn more about the ESTA application here.

Travelers with an approved ESTA can verify the status or make updates. Visit this page for more information: verify/update ESTA.


Quick facts

Citizens of Andorra can apply for ESTA online

The ESTA is valid for 2 years for visitors from Andorra

Andorran citizens can stay in the U.S. for up to 90 days with an approved ESTA

Andorra’s overstay rate is only: 0.19%