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ESTA For Citizens of Luxembourg

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Country: Luxembourg

Capital: Luxembourg City

ESTA Required: Yes

Luxembourg joined the United States of America’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP) in 1991. And since 2009 has the small landlocked country’s citizens been able to apply for the Electronic System of Travel Authorization (ESTA) online. In fact, the ESTA can only be applied for online.

The ESTA grants travelers admittance into the U.S. for up to 90 days if the intention of the trip is related to business, tourism (including medical purposes), and to participate in non-credit study programs. ESTA is not the same as a visa, and some Luxembourgers have to apply for a visa if the reason for visiting the U.S. is more than 90 days and does not match the reasons just mentioned. Take notice that a visit to the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg is only needed for visa applications while the ESTA can be applied for wherever you have an internet connection.

U.S. Immigration statistics for visitors from Luxembourg (2017):

  • The total amount of visitors from Luxembourg: 14 395
  • Approved ESTA applications: 13 008
  • Students and exchange visitors: 342
  • Temporary workers and family-related applications: 327
  • Diplomats and other official representatives: 369
  • Other types of visitor categories: 24

Traveling to the U.S. From Luxembourg

From Luxembourg Airport (LUX) you can reach several U.S. airports with connecting flights. No direct flights are offered as of March 2019. The fastest route to New York will take you there in 11h 30m, and some of the more popular carriers for this route is Lufthansa, SWISS, KLM, Luxair, Air France, Delta, and American.

Helpful information about Luxembourg Airport

Getting there

The airport has a brilliant parking calculator. If you plan on driving, you can check out the pricing and where to park first at this page.

Take bus number 16 (Eurobus) or 29 to get to the airport by bus.

Exploring the airport:

Floor "-1"

  • Access to the underground car park
  • Cash dispenser
  • Lux brewery
  • Aelia Duty-Free
  • House of Delights
  • Panopolis
  • Moselier
  • Petit Moselier
  • Exit – Customers control
  • Baggage claim
  • Oversize baggage claim and lost baggage
  • ID control and customs
  • Boarding gates
  • Access to terminal B
  • Photo booth
  • Charging station
  • Baggage assistance
  • Car rental
  • Press & books

Floor "0"

  • Main entrance
  • Cash dispenser
  • Check-in desks
  • Oversized baggage check-in
  • Customs desk
  • Passenger controls and access to gates
  • Airline Lounge
  • Bank and exchange office
  • Aelia Duty-Free
  • Oberweis Shop
  • Starbucks
  • Press & Books
  • Info desk
  • Turkish Airlines
  • TAP Portugal
  • Luxair
  • Luxaviation
  • Police Desk

Floor "1"

  • Oberweis restaurant
  • Comptoir du Bon Pays
  • Regus Express Business Center


Interactive map available here.

VIP Services

Dedicated VIP Transport: Guests will be taken to the airport’s underground parking or the nearest parking place.

Easy Boarding: VIP travelers' luggage may be checked-in beforehand and greeted in reserved parking places when arriving. VIP guests can be escorted to Luxembourg Airport's private lounge where they can relax. Further, VIP guests are given the privilege of boarding the carrier before other passengers.

Business lounge: Enjoy coffee, pastries, and champagne while relaxing, working, or socializing. The multilingual staff is available to assist.


When should a Luxembourger apply for the ESTA?

It is now required to apply for an ESTA at least 72 hours before boarding a U.S.-bound airplane. Thus, it is recommended to apply weeks or even months in advance to make sure that the travel authorization (ESTA) is approved in good time. Getting denied means that applicants must apply for a tourist visa at the nearest U.S. Embassy. If you have plans to visit the United States in the near future, then apply as soon as you can. Read more about the ESTA application here.

Travelers from Luxembourg with an approved ESTA can check its status or make updates. Visit this page for more information: verify/update ESTA.


Quick facts

Citizens of Luxembourg can apply for ESTA online

The ESTA is valid for 2 years for visitors from Luxembourg

Luxembourgers can stay in the U.S. for up to 90 days with an approved ESTA

Luxembourg’s overstay rate is only: 0.35%