Do you have an approved Travel Authorization?

Have you already applied for ESTA? Do you have your unique Application Number? The ESTA requirement is only related to your travel to the United States. An approved Travel Authorization does not guaranty your entry, but it allows you to visit the United States and ask for permission to enter the country. Without a valid ESTA travel authorization or US visa, you will most likely be denied boarding.

A valid ESTA travel authorization must be updated before you check in with your U.S. itinerary. Remember, what you write in your Travel Authorization is submitted US Immigration Officials. Therefore, it is vital that you update your own Travel Authorization before check-in, so you can answer any potential questions regarding your itinerary to US Immigration Officials. Learn more about verifying your ESTA here and what you can update here.

Our goal is that you check in with confidence before your U.S. departure, knowing that you have completed all the steps related to your personal Travel Authorization.

Who needs to apply for a Travel Authorization?

  • Any traveler who intends to visit the United States under the Visa Waiver Program via air or cruise ship
  • Any traveler transiting through the United States under the Visa Waiver Program
  • Children and infants who visit or transit under the Visa Waiver Program

If you are all set and ready to apply, then click on ESTA and apply today.