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Everything you need to know about EVUS

With safety protocols being elevated in countries around the globe, it can be hard to keep up with new laws, regulations, and visa requirements in every region.

The EVUS (or Electronic Visa Update System) is a travel protocol implemented by the United States to keep updated on who is entering and leaving the US while alleviating long security processes.

If you’ll be traveling between the United States and China, here’s all the information on the Electronic Visa Update System you should know.

What is EVUS?

The Electronic Visa Update System is an online enrollment system used by Chinese nationals to update travel information before heading to the United States.

The online system determines if the traveler is eligible for travel and is an additional requirement that must be obtained on top of a valid visitor’s visa before arriving in the US.

What if I forget my EVUS enrollment before I arrive at the airport?

Travelers can enroll in EVUS at any time, even at airports. Usually, they will receive a response within minutes of submitting their information. Some reactions can take up to 72 hours. This could delay your travel plans and cause you to miss an airport or port of entry.

Who Qualifies for EVUS?

The Electronic Visa Update System is mandatory for those traveling to the US with a 10-year B1, B2, or B1/B2 visa for both business and leisure.

This system won’t replace the current B1 and B2 visas; both will be required to enter the United States. If a visa falls under any other category, the EVUS won’t be needed.

If the traveler’s EVUS enrollment is successful, it will be valid for two years. It will expire if your visa expires or six months before the traveler’s passport expires. Visitors will also have the option of multiple trips to the United States during the valid period.

The EVUS Application Process

Applying for the Electronic Visa Update System takes approximately 20 minutes through the online portal, though it can take up to 72 hours in rare cases. Of course, since the application process is done online, travelers will need access to the internet to apply.

EVUS applicants must answer several eligibility questions and fill out basic information, including the traveler’s name, birthdate, and address.

During the early stages of the EVUS application process, travelers can apply free of charge; afterward, a small fee will be implemented. Travelers can also use it as a group, while relatives, friends, and other qualified third parties are welcome to apply on the applicant’s behalf.

Obtaining a Successful EVUS

All successful applications will be verified electronically, and no physical paperwork will be required. To be notified of a successful EVUS application, applicants must check their current enrollment status on the EVUS page.

If an EVUS application has been deemed unsuccessful, the US Customs and Border Protection asks that you contact the EVUS call center before re-applying. Most applications are accepted since this system is in place for informational updates. That being said, all errors made will have to be corrected through a new EVUS application.

How to Renew a Successful EVUS Application

Successful EVUS applications are valid for two years or until a visa or passport expires. Afterward, applicants will be required to renew their EVUS applications online. The renewal process is the same as the first application, with most renewals being accepted.