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VWP & ESTA For Citizens Of Lithuania

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Country: Lithuania

Capital: Vilnius

ESTA Required: Yes

Lithuania was accepted into the United States of America’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP) on November 17, 2008, which was an important acknowledgment for Lithuania in terms of meeting certain global standards such as having a high-income economy and a very high Human Development Index.

The year after, the United States of America introduced the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) giving Lithuanians online access to apply for ESTA instead of applying for a regular visa. It is important to point out that an ESTA is not the same as a visa. The ESTA grants admittance to the U.S. for up to 90 days and can only be used for the purpose of business, tourism (including medical purposes), and to participate in non-credit study programs.

If you are sure you need a visa, then be aware that a visit to the nearest U.S. Embassy is required. It is located in Vilnius right here. So if you need an ESTA, then be mindful that the application has to be made entirely online. If you have already planned your trip to the U.S., or are transiting through, then you may want to apply for your ESTA here today.

U.S. Immigration statistics for visitors from Lithuania (2017):

  • The total amount of visitors from Lithuania: 28 461
  • Approved ESTA applications: 24 383
  • Students and exchange visitors: 763
  • Temporary workers and family-related applications: 831
  • Diplomats and other official representatives: 419
  • Other types of visitor categories: 298

Traveling to the U.S. From Lithuania

There are no nonstop routes, as of March 2019, from Lithuania to the U.S., but there are plenty of options for connecting flights. To get to the U.S., you can fly from Kaunas International Airport (KUN), Palanga International Airport (PLQ), and Vilnius Airport (VNO).


Kaunas Airport: Useful Information

  • Get information about parking here.
  • If you are unlucky and lose your belonging at the airport, then call this number: +370 612 44442.
  • Get information about the airport, such as offices, shops, cafes, etc. here.
  • There is free Wi-Fi at the airport. Read more.
  • For luggage wrapping, you have to look for the Pack&Fly customer service area. Learn more about Pack&Fly.


Palanga Airport: Useful Information

  • Various shops are located outside the airport as well as in the departure hall reached after check-in.
  • There is a café located on the first floor that sells coffee, drinks, and food.
  • There is a bar situated after check-in that also sells coffee, juices, sweets, and strong drinks.
  • Call this number if you have lost your luggage or any other item: +370 460 56 400.
  • Call this number if you have any questions about parking: +370 612 44442.
  • Medicinos Bankas is located in the airport and offer services such as currency exchange, international money transfers (MoneyGram, UNISTREAM, and Ria), and a few other services.
  • There is free Wi-Fi at the airport. If you cannot make it work on your device, then call this number: +370 612 44442.


Vilnius Airport: Useful Information

VIP Travelers:
At Vilnius airport, they have their own VIP terminal for VIP customers. Here they offer:

  • Check-in of your tickets and baggage
  • Private aviation security screening
  • Customs and border control procedures
  • A comfortable waiting/rest hall
  • Exceptional transport to/from the aircraft
  • Photocopying and printing services
  • A workplace with a computer
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Satellite TV
  • A private conference room
  • Alcoholic beverages, soft and hot drinks
  • Cold snacks
  • Latest newspapers

Other services to be aware of:

  • You can make a parking reservation directly on the airport’s site
  • Check out the airport’s business lounge
  • If you want less time spent on waiting, check out the Vilnius Airport Privilege Card
  • You can use the free Wi-Fi at the airport for 6 hours and call this number if you have problems connecting your device: +370 612 44442
  • If you are planning to eat at the airport, then how about making that decision before you start your trip to the U.S.


When should Lithuanians apply for the ESTA?

It is now compulsory to apply for an ESTA at least 72 hours before boarding a U.S.-bound aircraft. So, it is recommended to apply weeks or even months in advance to make sure that the travel authorization (ESTA) is approved in good time. Getting denied means that applicants must apply for a tourist visa at the nearest U.S. Embassy. If you have plans to visit the United States in the near future, then apply as soon as you can. Read more about the ESTA application here.

Travelers from Lithuania with an approved ESTA can check its status or make updates. Visit this page for more information: verify/update ESTA.


Quick facts

Lithuanians can apply for ESTA online

The ESTA is valid for 2 years for visitors from Lithuania

Lithuanians can stay in the U.S. for up to 90 days with an approved ESTA

Lithuania’s overstay rate is only: 1.32%